Weird shadow/dark glow around the map and screwed up lighting


Two days ago the lighting and everything was fine, today I tried to use env_sun so I deleted lighting_env and put an env_sun and the problem started, since then I’ve done everything from removing env_sun to messing with lights and different positions or entities and that didn’t work. so I tried previous version of the map - the one that worked fine a day ago - and it had the same problem. Made a new map and ran it with light_env and same problem, removed the light and readded it it worked. I have no idea what I changed that made it work because when I tried it again it didnt work ever again.

I don’t know what I changed at all, map properties seem to be fine, compiling shouldnt be an issue, I ran with Vis and fast and normal (that’s the only change i made in compiling) I tried running with HDR off and on. didn’t work.

Help ! Thank you.

EDIT: Weird, it fixed it self then went to being broke again then fixed it self, and the problem also happened in dustII when i fired the map up with console command map “de_dust 2”

That does sound like a driver or maybe even a hardware problem.