Weird Shadows and Sprites

Alright first deal is these sprites. I need a sand/grass blend texture but these sprites are cut off and really annoying me and weird! This is also the only sand/grass texture

My next problem are these shadows, I used a shadow_controller to get nice shadows and put in the same pitch/yaw/roll as the sun, I got this.

Here’s a pic.

Find the .vmt of the sand/grass blend using gcfscape, make a copy in your materials directory and rename it.

Open it and remove the following line from the vmt

“%detailtype “detail_group_name””

It wil remove the detail sprites.

The shadow issue I am unsure about however, shadow_controller only applies to physics props, not prop_static and it is presumably something to do with the placement of your props in relation to your displacements.

IIRC you need to put in a reverse pitch for the shadow controlelr lest it will shade from below the ground, creating weird things.

To remove the detail sprites you could compile using OB engine and EP2. Unless you’re not already using it… Worked for me anyways.

I got the sprites to work, but the shadows are still odd.

What did you mean BmB?

(Trees are prop dynamic because this is a stranded map)

Reverse Pitch… Say if your light_enviroment was:

0 300 0

You could put this in the shadow controller:
66 300 0

Don’t quote me on this, it was copied from Lumber yard so it should work. Pitch is basically (Out of 90) how shadows should cast. 90 = Straight down, -90 = straight up.