Weird shadows everywhere

Whenever I compile a map, dark areas which have a small light source end up getting strange shadows everywhere:

As you can see, there’s the area on the roof which lets in light. Obviously there’s the expected shadows, but as you can see there’s even shadows where there shouldn’t be any.
Has anyone encountered this before and, if so, did you manage to fix it and how?

did you compile using -final in the expert compile window?

check visleaves - seal the room with area portals and limit the start / end distance range of your light entity. Make a nice func_brush with a smoky texture to simulate light from the skylight through ambient “dust” in the room. Ensure all geometry of your overhead fixture is func_detail and seal the skylight with area portal too. Select all brysh faces and using the texture tool, reduce the lightmap value and set it in your hammer options config to the new lightmap scale (I suggest 32 or even 48) and this way every new brush you make in editing will be set to that lightmap scale as well. If that doesn’t fix your issues, let me know

Nope, didn’t touch the expert window at all.

It looks like vvis was not run properly. Post your compilelog, make sure you have no leaks and you run vvis at least on “fast”.