Weird smoothing error

I import a smd that i exported to make a head hack but when i import and apply smooth i get this error

Before it was exported to a smd it worked fine and smooth was fine , but after i export and import it i get that.

Any ideas how i can fix it?

It looks like you applied the whole thing to one smoothing group.

no,no,no, your normals are all messed up. you could painstakingly fix them by hand or send them to me.
if so, send in .3ds or .dae or .obj format.

It’s not really painstaking. Just select the faces that are darker and ‘Flip’ them. That’s all there is to it.

It is painstaking when there are a lot of flipped faces at every angle. It’s easier to tell which faces are flipped by turning off the smoothing groups.

Or the “unify” command…

Thanks , it fixed my problem , i ran into another problem but i can fix that one.

Thanks again.