Weird smudging problem on 3ds max model

I have made a basic sphere model for the upcoming project “Realities: Source” and I have came across the weird smudge texture problem that ends up as black lines around the model

How do I fix this problem?
Thanks in advance!

Here fixed the picture for you

Of topic, but why the hell are you using Safari on Windows?

of topic answer: cause I can’t afford a mac that will suit me needs best! (which is the imac btw)

Stay PC.

Anyway have you tried rendering the sphere yet? The editor is never really perfect when it comes to textures (at least for me).

had the same problem with the cube model which I exported into a smd than to a mdl and it looked the same as it did in the editor, so Im pretty sure its something I did wrong or the editor is miscalculating the placement of the uv on the model!

looks like some problem with your UVs?

idk what exactly, thats why I turned here to ask for some advice

how did you generate the UV map for your model?

If I recall correctly I first went on “Flatten Mapping” than "Normal Mapping, moved one side of the sphere to fit on the map. Than I exported to a .png file

I think that the “Normal Mapping” part is where they got messed up. Try re-doing the UVs, but without doing that part. There’s many different ways to do the UVs for any given model, though I’m not sure what the best way to do it for a sphere are.

trouble with the is that I want to have a orange line to go down it, a bit more difficult if it isn’t a circle shape (which it ism’t for me when I just do flatten mapping!)

Well, the default mapping that the sphere has when It’s created is not too bad for that if you dont need it on the ends where the triangles converge.

The problem with those mapping methods is, they override each other. If you do “Flatten” mapping first then do “Normal” mapping, it undoes the flatten mapping.

I might just do normal mapping and not flatten mapping, I’ll try that!

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weird, it seems its the middle thats causing the problem, as I move half the sphere around in the uv editor the green line didn’t seem smudged as when it was in the middle of the sphere, it seemed fine away from the middle!

yeah, there’s a drop down list on the top right corner of the UV Editor window, click that and select “Checker Pattern.” That’ll show you how the UVs actually look, you’re aiming for perfectly square checkers.

Forgive me being blunt, but why do I need to do this?

Um, because it shows you the places where you’re texture is going to mess up. In fact, I think with the problem you’re having, it’ll probably help a lot.

thanks for clairing that up!

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how I ment to use this to help me? because every time I get it anywhere close to align it, it goes outside the border where the uv will be rendered as a image file- any advice?

scale the UVs down.

I’ll do it tomorrow! (it’s late)

Ok, finally got round and just used the flatten mapping option and rendered it and it has turned out ok, Thanks! =)