Weird Sound Between Footstep Sounds

The footstep sounds are amazing for tiles. However, between footsteps, I hear a weird sound at times. It sounds as if it’s furniture squeaking. I hate it, around 0:10 I tried to use my physgun every time it made the sound. It’s at random increments, so obviously I’m off a little:

Is there any way to remove this in hammer?


be patient
and i’m not hearing anything out of the ordinary, that’s just the shoe squeaking against the floor

Sorry about that. It was 3 hours, I figured someone would have said something by then.

Also, I know it’s normal. I was just wondering if there’s anyway I could stop it (in Hammer) from being played.

Beyond replacing the sound, there’s nothing that can fix it. It’s just the sound that Valve chose.

I guess you’re right. Thanks for the help guys! If someone else has something to say to help, please post!