Weird spinning object appearing

I run a few Gmod servers with the Prophunt gamemode on it, and lately there has been this weird object appearing. I have ran these servers for a few months and I have never seen these things before until yesterday. It seems to just appear at random times and float above a few of the “prop” players for a few seconds. Can anyone identify what this is and why it is appearing like this?

UFOs, or a hack maybe? But I don’t understand why the hell someone would do that. Check the codes of your gamemode and look for ‘ents.Create’ (The function that create entities), one of them is spawning this. Or it could be a addon you have installed.

Looks like it was caused by the anti-aimbot function used in the my anti-cheat addon. Not sure why it is appearing in the prophunt gamemode (it is supposed to be invisible). Oh well, that solves everything.

I don’t even understand why would the anti-aimbot of LAC would spawn UFO thingies, that’s plain out weird. But good to know you solved the problem.

Maybe to cause aimbots to snap to invisible objects in the sky?

the object just cockblocks aimbot traces