Weird stuff happening

Hello. A while back I got stuck in an endless loading screen on gmod cause of a stupid thing I did involving L4D2. But anyways, I removed my addons, meshes, materials, spawn list, and maps. Deleted gmod and the folder, and did a clean uninstall, reinstall. Put everything back in the folder and loaded up. 2 big problems have occurred with my favorite ragdolls. First of, every time I open the folder containing the S-low Asylum Joker I see the loading icon, then my game crashes. This never happened before. Used to be able to just click him and there he was. Now my game crashes. Next comes Rustys Personal skin. Im able to spawn him but when I try to facepose him, my game crashes. Used to be able to facepose him easy. Whats going on? Is it an update that broke these things? Thanks.

Have you got any dumps in your steam folder for garrysmod?

I use the mac version. No dumps yet.