Weird Texture Bug

Hello, my Garry’s mod recently started acting very strange. It’s played smooth up until about a month ago. Recently I’ve been having what I assume is some graphical issues where a lot of materials which weren’t before are either very low detailed or missing completely! For example, in ttt_whitehouse all the walls are invisible to me. Also, characters seem to be very low detailed and almost block like!

System specs: ATI Radeon 4850, Intel Core 2 Quad, Windows 7 32-bit


Reinstall the sourcegame from which are te textures from (sorry for my bad english, hope you still understand).

You mentioned that some textures are becoming low resolution? Sounds like a graphic chip/driver related problem (i.e. the full LOD is missing in the texture memory, and the game is forced to render some mipmap level). If the post above doesn’t fix it, try updating drivers (or downgrading if you are at the newest version). What have you done recently before this started happening? Did you update the drivers? Was there a GMod/Source engine patch?

Also, regarding things disappearing, there is an issue with GMod’s software rendering code that has not been addressed yet. That problem is responsible for the players not being able to see themselves, TTT hud disappearing, much more.