Weird textures in Gmod?

I just started playing Gmod on Gm_Construct and for some reason every shiny surface in the map is covered in very large, and distant looking pink and black checkerboard thingy. It just suddenly happened when I joined a multiplayer game. Very strange. Any one know what it is? Or how to fix it?

Pink and Black checkerboard is a sign of a graphic problem related to your graphics card. Usually this is just to much memory being processed, so your computer likes to give you a lovely checkerboard. Most of the time, restarting GMod, reconnecting to the server or refreshing your video settings will fix this. Try also if this isn’t working to lower your video settings a tad.

Ok. Thanks.

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Pink and black is the source error texture, if your computer had run out of memory, gmod would crash with a memory error. It’s not related to your graphics card even if it is a memory error.

The shiny surfaces suggests it’s a cubemap problem. This occasionally occurs in a number of situations, usually when you minimse the program and reopen it later, avoid doing this. Restarting the game will fix the error.


Oh. Ok. Thanks.

Yeah, I have this problem quite frequently. If I close GMod and re-open it, though, it works fine.
Other people said that minimizing the game will cause this to happen, but I need to minimize the game in my situation (but that’s a whole 'nother story in a different thread)…

The black and pink checkerboard texture essentially means ‘the texture is missing’. Most games have some sort of texture which the surface or polygon defaults to when a texture is missing or corrupted.

Try doing a fresh reinstall of Gmod. Are you trying to run an older or custom version of gm_construct that possibly uses textures from a .gcf archive which you’ve deleted/un-installed/no longer exists?

Hey I keep getting the same problem with SLAM’s, u know, the little laser tripmine things. I’ve restarted Gmod plenty of times, and it still shows up with the pink and black checkerboard texture. What should I do?

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Also, the checkerboard texture in the Construct and Flatgrass levels are often caused by a glitch in an add on that you download. Just remove the add ons you recently installed to fix that.

The SLAM is actually from Half Life 2 Deathmatch.

Does that mean that it works in singleplayer?

I get that problem whenever the server i am on crashes, but alt-tab out of gmod and back again fixes it. other times i use the the console command that reloads textures. It was mat_reload something

umm. This is a little off topic but my shiny material doesn’t work anymore. It just shows up as white. I have all the source games, So I don’t know why it doesn’t work. So does anyone have an idea.

i mainly only get it when i’m on a gooniverse server every time i go to the lava planet the surface is all checkerboard except the lava in the middle also on the main planet if i go under the water the screen turns into a checkerboard

Same problem!
Help, please?
For me and Baker?

I found a fix for the underwater missing textures. and I also figured out my shiny material not working,kidna, it doesn’t work very good on gm_construct, but on any other map its fine. oh well.

Heres a link to the water fix.

i have glitch were i look at one spot and it looks like a material and when i change angles it changes to either black or white, also on gm_consruct my grass/ground it like spotted bright green of almost white