Weird textures in Gmod?

I think that might be a graphics card problem. I get that sometimes too. do the map and all props become transparent?

What the pink and black checkerboard thing means your missing the material.Well I think sometimes

Whenever I try to make somthng big n GMOD (like 100 entites or pretty much any wire things) the screen is covered in weird random colored bars. Is ths just because of the graphics card not being good enough or is it somthng i can fix?

i have a similar problem, in the right upper corner i get small checkerboard square then after a min all the single player starts exit game and so on turns to the pink and black squares this is only after like 2 min of playing then it will freeze and crash…

any ideas? or fixes? my video card dosent do this to crysis or any other game just gmod if you have links post em please

Say if you didnt have css, and there was a css object like a wall or something because you dont have that game it would show up black and pink. All above is wrong.

How do people keep finding threads that are this old?

And thankyou flyingturtles, we established that two years ago.

As for locutus, try verifying your Gmod cache. You probably have textures missing.

You will be amazed by how they do it. On neoseeker forum someone answered a two years old thread. It’s almost like they are actively seeking questions that they can answer on Google. Probably some sort of OCD.

To be honest, with people being banned for “Use the search!” they probably think that if they bump an old thread they can still ask and show that they used the search without getting banned. I will admit that I’ve been banned for “Use the search” when there was a single topic in 07 un-replied to that had my question in it.

Flyingturtles, you are totally wrong, if there is a mesh from CSS, and you don’t have CSS ( like you don’t have the game… ) you will see a big red 3D text and it says : “ERROR” wich means : Model Missing. (Object Missing.) If you have the game object but you dont have the specified texture for it ( like in hl2 you have an container that is totally the same in CSS but the texture (Image) is different ) you will see a PINK & BLACK texture

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Yes this was established four years ago.