Weird usermessages?

For the past few weeks I have been looking for addons that use a ton of resources and taking them out of my server but my usermessages are still pretty high and my server will max a core at 38 / 38 players but I don’t want to switch off ULX or FPP. I was looking at some of the incoming messages and this would come up constantly.

Type 44 is the most common and I have searched it before and I haven’t found anything connecting to it. But boobies? Is there any way to see the root of them or do I have to go addon by addon? Thanks for the help!

boobies is just the debug print for Garry’s Mod specific packets. Things like Lua files being sent.
I assume the svc_UserMessages of type 44 are Lua addons sending usermessages.

Take a look at my umsg to net-message converter addon:

It converts umsg to net-messages.

Alternatively, look at my dev_networking addon, it does the same plus more. It converts NW Vars to my Flag system which has a lot of perks such as preventing the NW var from being networked unless the data changes. It prevents any net messages from being sent until the client has fully connected to the server ( prevents overflow ), and on fully connected the client gets synced with data. It can be used to network data easily, or assign public / private vars and much more:

Ace I tried one of your converters, I can’t remember which one it was, I’m pretty sure it was the dev_networking one and it completely destroyed my servers database. People started joining in as connecting/joining and it would reset their ranks. It just messed up the database a little bit but it wasn’t that big of a deal. I did how ever have have con debug on and there were a lot of lua errors but I don’t have the file anymore. Maybe it was something I did wrong. IDK.

I apologize for any issues encountered as a result of using my addon. A friend of mine had issues using DarkRP and my addon as well and I used all of his addons and used my debugger to find the cause and it wasn’t easy to find… Basically, it was ULX and the problem would only present itself after the first player fully connected to the server; bots wouldn’t do it. I submitted a pull-request with the change necessary to correct the issue and it was merged shortly after I posted it.

Are you running ULX? If so, there was an issue in 3.61 that I resolved by posting a pull-request; I also updated mine to output an “error” if version 3.61 is found in the addons/ulx/addon.txt file. They were setting “data” as a global when it should’ve been local, that mistake was killing my data system. Because of that issue, I’m considering making a copy of all of my systems inside of “acecool” so, in the event it happens with any other mod, will exist regardless of the status of “data” and then I can use inside all of my internal functions.

If you update ULX from their Github, you should be in the clear… no more errors.