Weird Viewmodels Hands

Since this is my first post here, be friendly towards me.

Hello Facepunch community.
I have one problem with my hands which my CSS to GMod knife port was successful but the hands(depending on a playermodel) were looking weird after I deleted the viewmodels from the default CSS hands through Blender.

This was my first try:

And my second try (through editing the QC file):

Animations works fine here as well as sounds.

At Blender, the bones were sticked together to the knife which looks normal when playing the animation:

And here is the QC code:

I appreciate all the feedbacks from you, thank you in anticipation!

The view model hands use HL2 weapon skeleton, not CS:S one. This means that you will have to transform the bones on your VM manually.

DJ Inaki is the one who converted the CS:S models, maybe he can help you.

Any tips that might be useful on ‘transforming bones’?
Because I am kinda figuring it out myself with the bones on Blender, still no success even I spent 1 week with it.

Try the modeling forum maybe. It might be more helpful. But, if you’ve spent a week on it, maybe it would be more productive just to reanimate?