Weird Wall Appeared

In my map I’ve got a room with some rooms in it, but for some reason there is a wall that goes right through the room and covers the doors, There is also some block textured thing that appears, It doesn’t show in hammer, Video explains it anyway:

There is question thread for a reason just remake the walls and properly make it this time.

Most likely won’t work. I had that error once, but no idea why or where it came from.
It is most likely a single brush acting up, so make a backup of the map and delete some of the brushes until you find the brush that makes this error.

Have you used the compile checker on the interloopers site?
If not, paste your compile log there to check if you have errors.

Looks like an invalid / inverted brush to me.

Your map isn’t even being compiled correctly if the exterior faces of the brushes aren’t being removed. Unless you did something dumb like surround the entire map in a box.

Also, did you use the clipping tool to make the holes in the wall for the door, or did you use carve? Carve can cause such problems.

And I thought I saw a leak between the grass and the floor you’re noclipping into.

Ghost brush. When you made a brush it went horribly wrong. Usually the cause of bad vertex manipulation. Delete the brush, remake it.

prob a leak when you carved out the door, you didnt seal under it.

It’s a ghost brush, not a leak.

never carve.

I didn’t carve it or anything, But I redid it and it’s fixed, strange though.