Weird Water Glitch

Ok so I just started on a map and blah blah blah and I added a pond blah blah blah and when I tested it out the water had this image on it. (If you have played Half Life 2: Lost Coast then its the beach at the beginning) I have tried changing the water type and I have even tried remaking the water. But still it has the picture on it. Anyone know how to fix it?

link to the picture here!

did you add the water lod control?

Yes I did the water itself is fine its just I cant get rid of the picture on the surface of the water.

You have expensive water on more than one level.

Use a diffrent water texture?


Or that 0_0

I HAVE tried a different texture as I have said.

And Whats expensive water?

Water that reflects in real time.

So… am I using the wrong texture?

Take a picture in hammer of your water. If it leads and ends anywhere.

I really dont know what you mean by “Leads or Ends Anywhere”


How many brushes of water do you have.

Just one

On the brush. Is only the top face a water texture and the other sides are nodraw?

Only the top has a water texture applied to it and yes the sides are nodraw

Does the water happen to lead to a 3D skybox?
What graphics card do you have?
Is your water quality set to high?
Did you place cubemaps and build them?

Ok ok bombarded with questions here so…

Question Numbah 1: I DO have a 3D skybox but it stays out of it
Question Numbah 2: I have a NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT
Question Numbah 3: Yes
Question Numbah 4: I dont know what a cubemap is :o

Hey you have the same card as me :v:

A cubemap is an entity.

If you can see the 3D skybox from the water. As in you want it to reflect the 3D skybox. It wont work.

So how do I fix it :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you try building cubemaps?

You essentially need to build an entity that it will reflect other than the skybox. it doesn’t need to be visible.