Weirdest RCON message ever... why?

Just chilling out doing some web work, monitoring our Modded Rust Server through RCON and saw this… I’m looking at this going WTF???

Please clarify… what is this?

Group is inside is all fucked 1056/Infinity/(293881800000000000000000000000.0, 272076800000000000000000.0, 0.0)


Seen this before and posted about it, never got an answer, my thread just died.

The (293881800000000000000000000000.0, 272076800000000000000000.0, 0.0) looks like a vector, could be position.

Just got the same error but mine was

Group is inside is all fucked 1056/Infinity/(-1157488000000000000000000000000.0, 0.0, 0.0)

its differently a x,y,z could be a vector, could be anything that deals with positions…

It’s a debug message for the devs. It’s not anything you can do anything about, as far as I know.