Weirdest stuff you've seen in Gmod


What is this thread about?
Basically, post up stuff that looked weird, or out of place (or even creepy).
This can be on multiplayer or singleplayer (such as roleplay servers or bugs in singleplayer which don’t happen very often) but no horror or trippy maps please! (since that’s just cheating).

For example, I flew into a wall and it came up with this half-spider malarcky.

This hasn’t been the weirdest thing I’ve seen (since my pc got wiped by a “ICT Repair Centre” months ago) but its just an example.
BTW: this thread might seem pointless but I kinda want to see if anybody else got anything weird they want to show that they seen in gmod.

A kid running around a DarkRP server and not killing anyone
Yes that’s weird

Kinda felt it weird, as soon as I joined a random server & get greeted with a NPC that never faces me & always is 90-Degree turned.

The last time I was ever in a gmod server (years ago) there was a bunch of people flying around in noclip trying to murder each other while someone rigged up a blimp to fly in a circle around the map holding a sign that said “Faggots” on it.

sounds like a normal day in gmod to me