Weirdness today on a community server

So I experienced some weirdness today on a community server…

First time logging in since late last week and there was the usual wipe with the latest update over the weekend. Spawned about as far north as I ever had and found myself on a relatively small snow biome island with a dish. Quickly crafter a stone hatchet and spear and noticed someone just starting to build next to the dish. Snuck up and took them out from behind. Looted the body of quite a bit of resources and ran to the dish to hide (he had first come out of a second base nearby and I figured he would quickly respawn and come after me).

Then the server went down and when I managed to log back in, I was in the spot that I was just before I killed the guy and I didn’t have any of the loot he had. There were now two of them there and they came straight after me and killed me. It was like there was a 2 minute rollback to just before I went after him.

Very odd the timing of it.

I respawned somewhere else and managed a quick raid and had everything I needed to start building. I started building a base and after about 10 minutes all hammer hits resulted in an instant upgrade to the next level (and apparently hatchet strikes were the same way for breaking things down). It went on for a good 20 or 30 minutes and then it went back to normal. A server message went out saying it was a bug and it was now fixed.

Again, very odd.