Welcome Back - Nekomysim(Sci-FI)

*“Hey Joey… Wake up…”
“Wake up…Before teach sees you…”

“Ah!” falls backward in chair.
“Joseph you may not find this lesson entertaining ,but I’ll assure you that you will not be taking naps during my class!” Yelled a very musky voice.
“Yes si-” Joey tried to speak before the ruler smacked down on the desk again.
“You address me by Mister ,and my last name…”
“Uh… You got it Mr. Rasent!” He tried to say in a reassuring voice before the ruler was smacked down again fully waking him up ,and the ‘Teacher’ walked back to the chalkboard.
“Now. Can you two tell me why your forced to live in an area hidden in a holding facility under Lake Supreme?” The teacher said smacking his ruler against the chalk board.
“Because the balance of humanity would be broken if we we’re to leave.” Trey said in a perky voice
“And?” Mr. Rasent replied.
“We’re cursed with the ears ,and tail of an animal?” Joey added on.
“Not exactly ,but you two would be killed by those who see you…” Mr. Rasent said gritting his teeth, “This facility refuses to have an incident like S.F.N.S((San Fransisco Nekomysim Study))” He said before smacking the ruler down again breaking it.
If we threaten the balance of humanity why do they keep us here then…

“Now the god father has granted us the ability to allow you two out under one condition…” Mr. Rasent said before going into the cabinet located above the book shelf.

~A Minute Later~

“You have a cig?” A guard asked his spot lighter
“Nope.” replied the spot lighter
“You sur-”


***No way! I will not wear that just to have freedom!
“You want freedom or not…?” Mr. Rasent asked.
“Yeah ,but.” Joey replied
“Then you have to wear it.” Mr. Rasent. “It’s just wool cap. You can pull the tail up into your shirt ,but you need to cover your ears.”
“I will look like a chav though!” Joey yelled.
“Once your outside you can find other clothing ,but for now this is all we got.” Mr. Rasent said before shoving the cap on Joey’s head.
Joey pulled it off ,and his eyes began to glow a bright neon blue.
“Come on Joe we can finally leave this place!” Trey said with disregard ,and completely didn’t care about putting the cap on.
“Ugh… Alright. Your buying something else though once we get out of here.” Joey said before putting the cap on ,and pulling his tail into his shirt.
“One other thing… Don’t start shit.” Mr. Rasent said before opening the door too the room ,and leading toward the elevator out of the area.

*Finally… Freedom. After four years of this nightmare I’ll be able to see the light again.

*“So… Mr. Rasent.” Trey said once the trio entered the elevator.
“Yes?” Mr. Rasent asked looking at Trey.
“Has the world changed much since we left it?” Trey asked unsure what he would see once the doors were opened.
“Not much Trey… Not much at all.” Mr. Rasent said with a chuckle.

*Ten more floors… Five more floors… Come on hurry up!

*“Well boys welcome back to Earth.” Mr. Rasent said opening the doors which almost blinded the two young adult who hadn’t seen the light in so long.
“Chirst, my eyes!” Joey yelled out before regaining full vision.
The two of them looked out ,and saw the world again. It was so bright a colorful… For the past few years they only had seen the color of chrome ,and occasionally got a chance too watch government issued videos for teaching ,but nothing could prepare them for the brightly colored world which they had left behind those years ago.

((Please excuse the bad grammar/spelling. Never really payed much attention during English))

I liked it a lot. I want to read more of it, It was good, almost like a real novel. Is there a back story to it?

Indeed. Nekomysim was a curse brought down from generation to generation of families… What is said is that the youngest born child who is born on the first or last day of Leo will be cursed with the ears ,and tail of an animal. This originally would of been solved by killing newborns found with the curse ,but for a hundred years things went quiet ,and not many were cursed… For some reason though on the Day of Leo(July 23rd) anyone who has connections to spiritual belief or witchcraft would be cursed with the century overdo curse. In quick reaction the government opened up facilities ,and branded people under the name Nekomysim which originated from the Japanese mythology of the girl who was able to shape shift into a cat. This didn’t fully work though(as you can see in the story) because many of those who were cursed wanted to regain the freedom they had lost because of their disformations. After awhile the UN opened up a secret program called, “Operation Neko Freedom” which was going on humanity right ,and Nekomysims were becoming free again ,but they had to hide their ears ,and tail anyway possible…

Weird bro.

Yeah. I’m still working on the background though.

It’s good, keep it up.

Anything you would recommend working on?

Nah, up to you.

Alright cool! I’ll try working on it some more sometime.

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