Welcome back to the old Rust ! New server !

Hello everyone! I’m redoing a post for a new server which is named “Hard PvP”. We implemented door sharing, so you can share doors with your teammates and friends. The server will evolve every day and we will continue to do our utmost to deliver game play much like how Rust used to be. (e.g: The beginning spawn items are: Hatchet, Small med-kit, bandages). We’ve also modified the craft recipes and returned it back to how they used to be (e.g: Full Kevlar armor set is 250 metal fragments again, also did this with C4, all ammunition and more).

If you want to participate and enjoy the old Rust and how it used to be, we invite you to come play.
[enter this in your console] net.connect ustx170.playrust.eu:28005
Named in server browser: [FR/EU] Le jour ou tous a basculé / sleeper / Ban cheat / Door sharing )

Thank you very much.