Welcome Craig Pearson!

Looks like there is a new Rust team member: Craig Pearson.

Welcome Craig.


I see they haven’t gotten you that fancy blue name yet. So you could be an IMPOSTER! :zoid:
(JK, obviously. Welcome!)

Welcome, Craig! I checked out your twitter, it’s awesome to see that you like Minecraft and Starbound as well… :3
A writer for Rust? Sounds interesting…

Welcome, Craigory.

This would be good. Hopefully there will be some stories that lead to quests where players have to band together to do them. Would make some people co-operate more and provide a break from the constant KoS-fest the game is currently.

Whatever happens, I’m very interested to see it.

I wouldn’t read too much into that, tbh. FP has other things that might need written, and Rust will probably only ever need item texts and things. I did just write some silly language for signs for concept art, and I randomly wrote a concept fiction to extrapolate an interesting game mechanic that was suggested.

I’m interested in trying to create a place where players can share stories, but it’s incredibly early days. I need to see if there’s value in a community website that celebrates the Rust player base’s output.

Every writer loves to be read. Any chance we could have a peek?

Perhaps. It needs rescribbled, and the mechanic might not be known yet. I might try and convince an art dude to draw it.

Well it Is friday, maybe you can get Garry to put something in the blog.