Welcome New Rust Players! Please Read before posting.

Hello! We’ve got a surplus of new members lately so I wanted to throw down some helpful posting tips for higher quality posts. This is in no way an attempt to be condescending or arrogant, I just feel it would help the Rust forum a little bit.

  1. Lurk before posting. Make sure to read as much as possible before you post to get an idea what a quality post is and isn’t. You see those dumb ratings on people’s posts? Although ratings don’t mean much, FP regulars will rate you dumb if they’re annoyed by your post. So try not to embarrass yourself by posting poorly.
  2. Don’t start threads with little to no content. If you’re starting a thread, you should have a large amount of material (ideas, pictures, a properly planned discussion) to put in the original post to get the thread started. Adding an entire thread for a one sentence question is a poor idea. If you want to ask something or have a small short-term topic that you want to discuss, post in the Rust General Chat instead.
  3. If you want to start up a new thread, make sure the topic isn’t already covered. Skimming the first few pages of the forum will help, and you should be checking out most of the threads if you’re going to be posting here anyways.
  4. Don’t ask for an alpha key. We won’t be giving you one. You may be able to get one if you lurk around the forum for a while for opportunities.
  5. Also make sure to think your posts through before posting. Many people read this forum and they will see your posts; you want a good impression of yourself to others.

Also I hope that I don’t get banned for backseat moderation. I was a bit worried to post this with that thought and again, the point was not to be arrogant, just to be helpful.

Thanks for reading and happy posting!

Cool :downs:

God, someone sticky this

And to stop people from being banned for no good reason: do not post a certain image in a certain thread, and do not buy gold member for a key. It doesn’t work, and you’re being trolled.

I’m sorry if this ruins the fun of watching gullible people get permabanned, but I think it’s gone on for long enough now.



Thing is most of them probably won’t read this either way.

We should make it manditory viewing.

We’re not quite there yet. :v:

So basically just use common sense, and look both ways before you cross the road?

The rust subforum has gone to shit lately. It’s almost as bad as the fast threads with how much “guys i have an idea 4 rust can i add gary on steam?” and “guys can i have a beta key plz?”

It’s ridiculous. At least it’s not making its way into the other subforums though. Otherwise we’d all be fucked.


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Also, bumped hoping people will actually read this and take it into account.

Stickies do absolutely nothing. The big giant text that says, “READ THIS OR BE BANNED” hasn’t deterred shit threads.

As much as I love this post, I feel like kiddies with their only intention of being here to get a Rust key won’t even bother looking at this.

I’m new to the forums thanks for the advice! :v:

me too Thanks!

If you really want people to read this, change the title to “FREE RUST KEYS READ 1ST POST”

lately? this section is a fucking cesspool, it isn’t even comparable with fast threads, at least fast threads is fairly civilized.

I am a new rust player and forum user. I currently play alone (only a few hours) and really feel that this game is a must to play with other people, especially to begin with! So if there is anyone/clan out there that wouldn’t mind a new player then please send me a PM. I am a relaxed guy who likes to have fun!

Too bad this wont stem the shitposting at all.