Welcome sign

i made this last night :slight_smile:

You should upload this on coderhire !

‘Gamemode & Addon Releases’

By posting here you should feel obligated to release it, at least.

Just note that this is an alt of GabGame so I doubt he actually even did this. Don’t expect this to be released or w/e.

If you do a little rummaging you can see he’s selling this for $3 on his private website.

why the fuck should we pay for shit that would have been

a. private
b. free

a year ago

if anyone actually buys this, ur a sperg.

dude i made it :confused:

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i cant upload any thing to that website its just saying Sorry, you have been specifically denied from performing this action.

Looks nice.


You disagree with my comment saying that you’re selling this privately for $3, yet here it is:


There is a link to your shop which only has one item (this welcome sign) on your youtube channel.

Lol who would pay 3 dollars for something that can be done in 5 minutes

Chris just confirmed he was banned from was Coderhire which means he is indeed Gab. Don’t buy this from him…

Isn’t this like your 4th thread for a 5 minute addon your selling?