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I dont think its a good idea to use Borderlands models with TF2 models.

You may think its a good idea, both are cartoony, but TF2 is the “cartoony” type of toony, borderlands is like a comic styled type of cartoony thing.

The pose itself? I like how the spy is seated, his foot on the pedal, placement, faceposing, but yeah, the bus really bothers me.

I agree with Aaron about the bus, but over all, nice idea, well executed.

I just noticed the clipping with spy’s suit jacket with the seat.

  1. no steering wheel.
  2. TF2 doesn’t go well with Blands at all.

Also borderlands gives me a massive nostalgia attack. I don’t know why, i’ve never played a game like borderlands, before borderlands.

The bevel sucks.