"Welcome to City 08, enjoy your stay"




c&c pweese

Third one is a bit odd, mainly the legs and muzzle flash. First 2 are pretty good though. Have a palette, friendo.

It looks like he’s standing in water.

That’s why. It doesn’t fit.

The third’s muzzle flash is strange. It shouldn’t be so… particle-y. Muzzle flashes are supposed to be large and kinda blurry with a proportional amount of smoke (of which there is none here). Making muzzle flashes on your own is hard (trust me, I know).

That being said, stick with the premade ones. They almost always turn out better that a homemade one.


Oh, and nice SCAR model in number one. Where’d that laser designator come from?

Tacticool weapons by Ddok1994

The combine in the last panel looks like he’s shooting lemonade.

No, it’s poor because of his stance. His legs are side by side, not one foot in front and one in back.

In the third one, he’s gripping the magazine and firing at the same time. So either he’s about to pull off some Matrix shit or he’s gonna wreck that gun.

Otherwise, nice posing.

Gripping the magazine well is actually very common. Rotating your wrist to fully connect to a horizontal position puts a lot of unnecessary strain on your arm.

Plus it’s tacticool.