"Welcome To City 18, It's Darker Here..."

I got bored today. Made a picture, go crazy. (Includes the picture, original, and cropped version)



hell i could believe that it came out of a comic

Heh, thanks for commenting!

by seeing the original compared to the edited version, you did a really good job.

Thanks, this was mainly a test for lighting. (Making it look like night time was a bit of a bitch.)

The citizen ruins it.

That is exactly why I made a cropped version. Tried blurring him out (Making the picture more focused on the metros), that made it even worse. Tried making him brightened a bit, that also failed…I gave up on him.

Looks pretty good, you should work on your splashes tho.

Yeah, I guess I was kind of lazy on the splashes. I’ll work on those, thanks!

Can we get a widescreen version? (for desktops?)

Can’t just magically make things widescreen bro.

At first I thought the metrocop in the middle was being used as a battering ram… Then I realized he was kicking the door down. :v:

It WAS 1680x1050, but Photobucket downsized it to 1024x768…

the rim lighting looks ok, posing on citizen is stiff

cs_assault? why not C18?

Well this was ACTUALLY going to be just a citizen walking in the rain…guess I was too lazy for a map change.