"Welcome to Ground Zero" - Troops approach a dead city


I don’t like how most of the buildings are tilting, except that it’s a great screenshot.


The weapons are too small for these manly guys, Give them some bazooka’s. Nice picture overall.


Why? Bazooka’s are very outdated.

No they are not.


remind me to attach gattling guns on their heads next time

And m1 garands that shoot dildo’s, the enemies are going to love that.

Um, that would be a Javelin.

This is a bazooka:

Nice! I like the prop placement.

So much building, in Los Angeles? Oh well, excellent scene build and posing!

There’s still the AT4

I really like the atmosphere in this picture, everything is all dead and stuff. (Not that I like that everything is all dead and stuff but you know what I mean. :C)

i love you mosquito

Not bad, but I think there’s too much “stuff” in the picture. It looks kinda cluttered. I like the parachute, though :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh where did you get those buildings?

The Javelin and AT4 are Missile Launchers, Weapons like the bazooka are Rocket Launchers.(There is a difference between Missile and Rocket Launchers.

I was wondering this as well.

ancient chinese secret

[sp]decadence mod[/sp]

fantastic backdrop.

honestly, I think this picture would look absolutely stunning if it were black and white.