Welcome to Liberty City, 02 Bellic

Testin’ my more delicate side of posing. IE intricate shit I can do with the hands.


I sincerely apologize for the construct. Please try to look past it. D:

Nice hack i guess…

I don’t see why he has his finger on the trigger while reloading. Not a great move.
The hand holding the mag also looks awkward.

Why took gm_construct?
I would look very cool on a real map :D!

Fingerposing is a bit weird.



I accept your apology.

Hot damn that’s a sexy jacket!

Well if you took this pic in a map like Evocity it would be better, also where did you get that jacket?

Where’d you get the fingerposable citizens?

I think its a private model

I demand those sexy jeans you haz on dat fat guy, and the black coak from mobo with tenis shoes. on one bald guy.