Welcome to my world...

Enjoy your stay.

Some music to get the right atmosphere.
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-It was bitch to pose those models that are upside down.


Looks like something out of a horror film, good work!


You need to zoom in the camera more, so it doesn’t become fisheyed. For some reason, it is fisheyed by default.

I can’t see the fisheye style that you’re talking about.

The edges get stretched and blurred.

Still can’t see it.

Rated artistic cause you posed something upside down, well done sir.

If this picture depicts your world, then you should see a doctor. Otherwise, it’s a nice pic. :smiley:

Nah, I just like doing these kind of pics. Anyways, thank you.

petfe,i don’t know what you are smoking,but i want some :2bong:

Yea me to. This is freaky.

Thank you, It’s nice to have positive comments for a while.

Any more comments?

Looks like a normal mind to me

Well if it would not look normal to you, your name wouldn’t be “Crazy Knife”.

Better music

I didn’t ask for “better music”. I asked constructive critism but it seems that you didn’t understand it.

Oh, and by the way, It’s deleted.

Blurry, repetetive texture in the background.

Oh, okay…

Could use some trippy editing.