Welcome to MY World.


blood is too bright.
smoke looks so pasted on,
but the posing is pretty good :q:

Why the hell do you write in Unitology

Its my watermark. Anyway, try to translate it.

it’s a pretty faggy watermark

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jus’ sayin’

Are you really care about my watermark? Put your attention to the picture!

k guys, the watermark means " cock " in unitology.

It means “By Zombine”

I don’t really care how your name will be in unitology.


Better already

Nice pic’ and posing Haxxer, but why the spy is spitting on his right side ?

HEY, it is better!

By the way, i removed my watermark, so this is original picture.

Lol Haxxer, he stole your picture.

It looks better now. Still needs work though.

:doh: Or he just get it on my deviant.

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I would be grateful, if you say what i need work on.

Well for example, the Soldier doesn’t look that great, though that’s my opinion.

Or I photoshopped it

So… Haxxer edited what used to be in the op and now Zombine replaced his original in deviantart with Haxxer’s edit?

Apparently. Sounds like stealing to me.