Welcome to Pennsylvania!



Now that is some fancy ass shit.


The second on is astounding.

Yea… that is enough smog to be Pennsylvania

awesome pics

the second one, HNNNNNNNG so beautiful

there is one thing I dont like in the first picture. it looks like female scout will break her legs and feet if she keeps walking like that

First one:
male scout being a rapist
Heavy and spy appear to be falling after trying to walk backwards
Female scout’s hat is posed strangely.

Second one:
A for effort, just not what I’m into


That’s some damn fine work. Pretty incredible.

I love it so.

Rims are kinda way too sharp.

i think theyre perfectly fine, tf2 is meant to have rimlighting that sharp

is that gargoyle penis im looking at on the one to the left

Very nice on both of them!

I wish the last one 1600x1200 because it looks damn nice

they’re fine have you never seen tf2 rimlighting