Welcome To Red City Roleplay.

MAP(S): rp_evocity2_v2p, rp_c18, and more.
Owner: |==|Glitch-Video|==|
Co-Owner:=(† EG)= Malarkie
GroupLink: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RedCityRoleplayReloaded
Hello Everyone, I am Mr.TK (Steam Name) SuperAdmin of Red City, come to Red City Roleplay, we do many kinds of roleplay types mainly chosen by our players like HL2rp, Normalrp, We have DurgzMod 2.2, Madcows SWEPS v3.0, and much more. We like to party so on some occations we play minigames on a map made by the owner himself, we also do a rations scenario sometimes, where hungermod is on and admins handout rations. If you want to be an Admin Contact,"|==|Glitch-Video|==|" and ask him about the cost, im pretty sure you must pay VIA paypal.
im not much of an advertiser but, i hope this grabs someones attention lawl. so come down to Red City where you begin your own story.

Sounds cool.

Hey Mr.Tk i found this on the announcements. You should sell beer or something. “New Awsomsauce’s beer, COME AND START YOU’RE OWN ADVENTURE!”

Eh, selling admin, nah.

If an Admin has gotten there power by paying it is closely monitored and if they abuse or break any of the rules or admin rules there admin is removed.

Selling admins is not a good thing, find respective and trustful players and give Admin rights for them. Much better idea.

Meh; server is locked right now, DeRP is under development atm.