Welcome to Shady Shades,Population:O

Its long since i posted a screenshot,heres my new one it may look bad but thats because its my FIRST photo to be edited in Gimp 2.0

Give Fair Criticism Please.


*Dodge Rape
*Blur Rape(i think)
*Bad Background
*Not so good posing.
*Bloom Rape :c(Thanks Zeraxify)

I really need someone to help make me make Photos more realistic and better :c.

Ease down on the bloom.

the lighting is bad, also turn off the in-game bloom
improve posing and camera angle, don’t use simple DoF, if you want use super DoF instead

The posing is solid, but everything else went to hell somewhere down the line. Y’know, there is a night version of that map. I’d use that.

Gun is clipping though the guys arm.

Rim lighting isn’t to bad, but their is rim lighting in the guys jacket which is not exposed to the light.

Might come in handy to you : http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?p=21296246