Welcome to the newly revived/freshly wiped OFFICIALLY AWESOME rust server!!

New Server Rules! Fresh Wipe! Inviting a new Community!

I would like to welcome you to Infinity’s Playhouse!

This is a new server based on a new set of Admin Rules, with extremely Mature Admins.

Admins will not spawn items for themselves or other admins Admins will not Teleport other players or admins around the map Admins will not interfere in anyway possible with any game play unless there is a suspected hacking violation occurring in which case admins will observe the suspected hacking and determine on their own accord whether a violation is occurring or not. Admins will not favor any player on the server whatsoever and any Admin actions will be of their own accord and not based on other player’s actions. Any Admin, or his or her home/base is considered free game to any player in the server and admin powers will absolutely not be used to retaliate or fight back in any attack/defend condition.

This server is completely free of Admin interference whatsoever. Any Admin friends will not be helped while under any sort of attack by spawning items in or using any Admin powers, Admins will use what they have gathered without ABUSING POWERS to assist their friends in the server. This server runs only 2(two) admins at the moment and the community will be informed if there are more admins added.

Any ADMIN ABUSE claims will be dealt with by the server owner personally and the accuser will be informed of any and all actions taken.

There are no rules concerning raiding, raping, or pillaging in this server.

Clans, Groups, Friends, and individuals are encouraged and invited to join this server if they are interested in an Admin/Cheating free environment to PVP freely with their group, clan or as an individual. You will not be singled out as a group, clan, or individually targeted because of any discrimination at all.

New Players are completely welcome to the community and any questions they have or assistance they need will be helped by the community as much as possible.

You will not find any ADMIN BASES at all throughout the entire map, as Admins that play, play just like any other normal player.

Server Mods:

**Rust ++/Magma ½ Craft No Decay Gamevox Server with plenty of room for You, Your Group, or your Clan.

Server Info: net.connect Gamevox: Infinitys Playhouse**

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not three. I left your first thread unlocked, use that when you get unbanned." - postal))