"Welcome to the swamp babes" Man and woman walking in swamp


Fun fact: This was mostly ingame, i just did some tinting in GIMP.


Hoodie looks way fuzzed up, his hand is wierd

hi deathbucket

is that you?

oh god damn it i broke my automerge

I can’t fix that, there’s a bug with his textures.

Not a big fan of that hoodie skin, seems to lack proper detail.
Zoey’s faceposing is funny.
Camera angle is just about bearable, but it’s not very interesting and leaves quite a lot of wasted space.
The water is pretty ugly and looks unnaturally still. Some use of simple water brushes could hopefully fix that.

The water is rather still in swamps. i’ve visited one once(albeit i only went past in a bus :v:) The water is often in dips in the ground, and still as hell because of all the mud and gook and shit in it.

They’re wading through it, in case you didn’t notice. There should be some movement.

I can’t change that i don’t know how

Cant see any flaws in the picture. Nice one.

Atleast someone likes it.

Thank you for your notification I really didn’t know that.

how do you know :downs:

I dont like the background behind the guys, it looks rather meh.
But I like atmosphere and the posing.

Water lacks movement but I know its kinda hard to edit water.

i can’t believe nobody noticed they are being watched

Yeah the ghoul behind but it looks rather alone/slow to be a threat.


Ofc, there could be million of more ghouls on the bottom of the swamp water waiting to ambush them and eat their insides with homemade forks and swamp sauce.

Actually. there’s about 5000 ghouls hiding in the forest waiting to kill Jones(Hoody guy) and rape zoey

Holy Balls! Are you serious ?! I didn’t noticed it. Thanks again for your notification.

'Tis him. The Avatar and Name kinda merge into Death Bucket.
On the Side, the posing is okay, but it needs some editing.

Seriously you’re not funny. stop rating yourself