Welcome to the Urals lads


(it’s POV.)

also for some reason this dudes’ iris’s & pupils went really white from lamps




did someone sneeze on the camera lens

suppossed to be someones vision through really dirty goggles

you should use that effect more sparingly, if you just toss it on everything it’ll look like ass

jimmies you’ve been putting it on everything lately

i feel like its use is justified in this situation.

a dirty pair of goggles having sunlight shined on it (hence the glare).

well in that case this bsaa operator should clean his goggles

since it looks bad

that doesn’t make it look any better, people tend to not use those all over for a reason

goggles tend to fog up, get dirty, blurry, dusty, get scratches etc. after wearing them for a extended period of time.

i mean most of the time you just wipe them with your sleeve, and that’s not going to make them look brand new.

Very very great work!
(ps when will these beauties be released? If at all?)

This looks real damn good.

Also, how did you do so that the beanie/cap helmet togheter? Did you place the helmet by yourself or what?

guy in the middle has a “What the fuck am I doing face” and I love it

I like it! Also, how do you manage to make the shadows really clear and sharp? I’d like to know.

i guess, already getting tired of it though and I can’t think of another use