"Welcome, welcome to city 17" [scenebuild]


scene build:http://www.cubeupload.com/files/d9c000gmflatgrass0000.jpg

Bubz took weenurs muzzle flash. Only his are better. :’( Sorry for the burned mexican.

Me like.

Too much clutter and shit on the ground imo.

Welcome to city 17. I actually looked up and just spawned a bunch of shit and looked down to see if it fits. Not do what fags do and manually put it there. :slight_smile:

I like it, the sparks would need to be darker tho

The posing needs work IMO.

No. I don’t take cc for posing.

So basically you just half-assed it?

Assuming cc means Comments/Criticism, well start taking it. You can’t just post work, and expect everybody to love it. You’re always going to get “cc”.

What DO you take cc for?

Pretty much only to show off my new muzzle flash skill :smiley:


How come I’m seeing names that I don’t know.

looks more like city 13.4

Oh boohoo, I’m bubz I do what ever the fuck I want.

Definitely too cluttered. You can’t have a guy getting shot at 9 feet away from someone acting all quiet and solemn.

I don’t know what the fuck you guys are smoking, the only fault on the posing is the guy hanging.
And the muzzle flash is meh.

You can in city 17. You hear it everyday so you get used to it.

The whole thing doesn’t seem to sit on one plane for some reason.

Also took me a while to realise that the character on the top is being shot and it wasn’t just sparks from a bad installation.

Wow, despite the clutter, that scenebuild looks pretty cool, like an abandoned spaceship from Pandorum.

that’s a muzzle flash? looks like a sparkler to me

Bad posing, bad shading,no isolation, random clusterfuck, mexicans

Bubz, Grinder Sparks brushes rule. They do :3, seriously.

I don’t like the pic. I agree with Moonsorrow.