Welcome... welcome to City Seventeen. It's safer here.

My first try at a First Person thing, hope you like it.


Do tell if there’s anything I could improve.


It’s okay.

Citizen is not safe.

Unless he joins Civil Protection, Citizen won’t be safe…

That has got to be the one line I remember most from HL2, “It’s safer here.

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But then he’d probably become a soldier who is brainwashed and has all his memories wiped.

Eeh, I don’t know… I think they talk amongst themselves sometimes in-game…

No, I mean that CPs keep their memories and are completely human but he might be persuaded into becoming a soldier by the benefits. Once he decides to become a soldier they turn him into a transhuman through surgery and have their memories wiped. Obviously the benefits are good at convincing CPs to sign up or there wouldn’t be so many soldiers.

True, true.

Good angle, next time when you post a link just do


that way the image can be seen without clicking the “view image” sign.

Interesting idea, but the execution could’ve been better. DoF is a bit too strong, and the composition could’ve been better.

Welcome…welcome to generic thread title. It’s predictable here

Generic thread title is a nice place. I went there on holiday.

And yes, my DOF was too strong. I didn’t quite notice when I was taking the shot.