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Zombie riding an antlion while using a rocket launcher as a spear … 'nuff said.


Now that’s quite awesome.



Wow, this is a usual day in Zombie Mod for CS:S.
The smart dudes have the height advantage, the show-off who gets killed at the start is on the lower left, the Admin is riding the Antlion, and the Weekend Warriors are in and around the crates.

I just noticed something: The dude at the top on the left is swinging around two toilets. Epic.

Wow, that’s beautiful. I love the lighting.

Actually, the zombie has one toilet, so it’s more like some sort of toilet duel.

This needs extreme music.

The zombie got hit with the toilet over his head by the soldier; the soldier had two toilets in the first place, also if you look at it from another angle it looks like those two guys are dancing.



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i have some music to go with this.

Oh Crazy Knife, you so silly.

I like the Zombie riding an Antlion guard with the RPG as a spear. It remind me of Spanish Inquisition comic.

Looking at this picture, is like looking at an Angel.

Fuck’n A.
I love this.
Have a medal.

Crazy Knife, bringing you awesomeness since 2006

Epic, make more!

Make a comic, or even better, make machinimas!
Make love to me, wonderful image!

I’m thinking about getting into machinimas, that’s video stuff right? I’m gonna need some practice on it though, i think you need special software too like vegas or something? Don’t know much about that stuff though.

Yeah, small clips or short movies. Dunno about the stuff you need though…



This is cool.