Weld Camera to NPC ? / Attach Rope to NPC ?

In Gmod9 I believe you were able to weld a Camera to a NPC in mid-air so that it would move right along with the NPC at a fixed position as the NPC moved.

In Gmod9 you were also able to attach ropes to NPC’s so that it could drag ragdolls around.

But I cannot seem to do either of these things in the new Gmod. Is that correct?

If you cannot do these things in the new Gmod then is there a way to add my custom NPC in Gmod 9 to use these type of features? I know there is a mod folder in Gmod9, but I am not sure generally how to add the NPC because there is no addons folder like the new Gmod has.

Garry made it so nothing can be attached to NPCs.


It’s called GMod 10 also


Plus wrong section

Hi, thank’s for replying.

Again as I described, in Gmod 9 I believe it was in fact possible to weld a prop camera to Npc’s in mid-air so that it would be able to move along with them.
You could also weld ropes to the Npc’s so that they could drag around ragdolls for example. But I don’t seem to be able to do this in Gmod 10.

Yes… Gmod10 I understand. I called it “new Gmod” as I had seen people reference even “Gmod11” as well, perhaps referring to updates etc.
The important thing is that you seemed to know which Gmod I meant anyways.

Which section of the forum would you suggest I ask questions like this in then?

I don’t know any tools to attach ropes to NPCs, but look for NPC camera.

Thanks, I do have the NPC camera addon and its very neat.

I was just wondering why the ability to attach ropes and weld cameras to NPC’s as in Gmod 9 apparently was removed from Gmod 10.

I found that by first checking no collide between the NPC and camera and then welding the camera mid-air to the NPC, when the NPC moved, the camera also moved with it. This seemed like a easy way to create tracking shots for Machinima which closely follow the actor.

Probably crashing issues, the game wasn’t meant for objects to be attached to NPCs.