Weld/no-collide issue?

Right, i’m currently building a plane and i’ve done the “skeleton” so far, my problem is, that after welding it some of the props didn’t stick fully in place, furthermore the plane will “bump” and stop on occations or at least speed down, on top of that there seems to be a slight amount of force applied to a prop.

I have manually welded all props to make sure it wasn’t a smart-constraint problem and i’ve no-collided while doing so.

made a little vid of the plane suspended in a zero-g field:

sure, it might just be me having missed 1 prop or something, but do any of you have a quickfix? some mighty way to weld and no-collide all the props or at least no-collide em all without issues?

Ok first thing is the welding. Download this


I also advise ClipTool because it is awesome.


Polly weld should fix your problem. If not it could be a problem with your thrusters. So to fix this use Wire Mod



edit How rude of me to just nag, thank you for your reply with link and all, appriciate it even though i don’t think it solves my problem

As i said, it’s just the skeleton nothing else (cept for that engine) it does not have Thrusters, i do intend to use wiremod since i’m going to use fin tool and hydraulics for the control surfaces and am going to make an automatic stabilizing system using it…
Anyhow, i just returned to gmod after yet another break and i’ve poked around a bit, i don’t like cliptool, the model it makes seems dodgy to me, it interacts wierdly with certain things including the player.

As for Poly weld, i’m not too fond of that one either, i might be doing something wrong, but last i used it, it made a hoverball which i could use to move the thing around but i couldn’t move it around by grapping any other part of the model, on top of that i encountered what seems to be ghost versions of the original models, i could hit them but not see and grap them

Ok the thrusters thing was me missunderstanding, I gave the link for wiremod because of the missunderstanding. Clip tool was a idea just because i love it. Not because I think it will fix your problem. Polly weld should have fixed it but im not sure what is wrong there. If non of this work it might have been the welding so get this.

Smart Constraint:

Forum Page:

This is like Smart weld but takes a a few seconds. But it works better and there is no bugs. It is also better than normal weld.
So I think this might be the answer.

You didn’t misunderstand anything, i just gave too little info :slight_smile: … well, Poly weld technically does fix the problem, but creates a buck load of new ones, i can’t move the plane without grapping the hoverball thingey, i can’t configure specific parts with fin tool etc and i can’t weld new stuff on without welding it to the hoverball thingey.

As for smart constraint, that was my initial attempt but it’s too glitchy, it seems to just randomly slap weld on the selected models instead of what is near each model, making the whole structure dodgy

Have you got a screen shot of it?
If you do i might be able to judge if it is the structure. And if it is I can suggest a better way.

The video, is my plane skeleton, it’s in a Zero-grav field and the movement is caused by an object rubbing against another object which it’s not suppose to be able to touch

I have a sorta similar problem/ I cant nocolide welded and frozen props- not the some though.