Weld Shower

Click on a prop, and show what it’s been weld constainted with.

A drop down list would show “No-Collide” “Rope” (I don’t know why you would want it, but hey, you never know) “Axis” “Ballsocket”.

Lines would show up (you should be able to change the thickness of the line to a very thin to a semi-thick one) in green/red/blue whatever is good to see going from one prop to the one it’s been welded to.

So if I have welded 1 prop to 9 props, and I forgot what I welded, I could just check with that prop to see what it was welded to. Nine lines would go from that prop to the nine props.

Misleading title :v:

No it’s not.
It’s supposed to show you what said prop is welded/other constraint to

It’s misleading because “shower” is a homonym, most common use of that word would be: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shower


Like this?

Mmm maybe but that has no pictures so I can’t see what it does.

Weld Shower.

How does that not make any sense? Stop reading it as “Weld my shower”.

Weld Revealer?

I read it as a spark shower… as in a particle effect.

Constraint revealer?


Will anyone actually do this? I imagine switching weapons would make the lines go away, and it’s supposed to be client-side too, mmkay?

I may do this for fun sometime

You can click the pictures and see them. The actual pictures are still there, but the thumbnails are not.


That addon never worked for me :confused: