Weld to an entity


I wonder, how do I weld an entity to another entity?
// I’ve tried:
constraint.Weld( ent, dProp, entPos, 0, 0, true );

constraint.Weld( ent, dProp, ent:GetBonePosition( 0 ), 0, 0, true );

But it’s like the weld isn’t run, but I get no console errors.

The third argument is the bone index of the first entity, not a vector.
[lua]constraint.Weld( Entity Ent1, Entity Ent2, Number Bone1, Number Bone2, Number forcelimit, Boolean nocollide_until_break )[/lua]

[lua]constraint.Weld( ent, dProp, 0, 0, 0, true )[/lua]

Thank you for your reply, but that still doesn’t work, it just positions itself and sit there even if I move the entity.