Weld Tool Idea !

Allright i use weld easy alot , but i hate that you cant turn it when you weld it to something like you can do with physgun with holding down ‘e’

~[ My idea ]~

Its an weld tool that is turn-abel like you holding down e and you can move it like holding down ‘e’ on an physgun

~[ Why ? ]~

Well normaly you have to place what ever you binding good so it will be placed like you wanted With this tool you dont need to !

~[ Controls ]~

It will be awsome if it just like turning with the E key holding down ! like i said already like with holding down ‘e’ with an physgun .

~[ Is this possible ? ]~

I dunno but i realy think others ( like you ? ) Will also think this is awsome it will get lot of downloads i think !

~[ Thank you ! ]~

for reading this :slight_smile:


You mean like… axis tool?

No he means like Easy Weld but you can rotate it fully instead of just around the weld axis when aligning it.

Something like the shift+e snapping would be nice, as well.

yeah that will just be awsome ;D