Weld Tool - NoCollide Until Break Missing?

I’ve recently started playing Garry’s Mod for the first time in a while. I wanted to continue building something from a while back, then I noticed the “NoCollide Until Break” checkbox doesn’t seem to exist in my Weld tool anymore.
I know there’s probably some good reason for this but I can’t find anything online about it, google searches just turn up up nothing from other people with this problem. Everyone I asked in-game didn’t know what I was talking about or didn’t know what happened to that option.
I know it’s not just that it’s now something that’s enabled by default because I welded 2 or 3 props together then rammed it into the ground, lo and behold they did indeed collide with each other after being deformed by the collision.
The reason this bothers me so much is that this contraption I am going to continue building is made of quite a number of props, and I intend to weld every prop to every other prop. Having to weld all of them then nocollide all of them would double how long I have to take to complete, and that’s assuming I don’t lose concentration and weld something I didn’t mean to.

TL/DR: Screenshot of the issue: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/313367221045713481/EA2396B63BB629C1FCF39AE6F60A85076042F29D/
There used to be a “NoCollide Until Break” checkbox below Force Limit.