Weld vs Parenting vs ?

Im trying to make a relatively large ship and I cant seam to find a way to bind it together that works right. If i weld one to the next like with Easy Precision everything shifts around quite a lot and especially when its moving. If i just weld each piece to multiple pieces near it or use Smart Constraint it holds together a bit better but there is still a lot of shifting and when i upload it to a MP server it lags really bad and even starts DCing people. I then tried Parenting and Super Parent Multi. Everything held together a LOT better but now I fall through every surface and the only piece that doesn’t pass through ground is the parent. I tried the Super parent setting where it wont no-collide everything but then i run into the problem that the slightest touch or movement sends the thing flinging around the map.

Is there any sort of constraint tool that holds everything together better than weld and some less lag but doesn’t make the thing as touchy as parent?


Place Props.
use TGIFallen’s nocollide-all-multi.
use Karb’s improved multiparent.
Parent dat shit to a wire chip.


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just leave like 2 or 3 flat plates that are invisible and unparented to make a separate collision model from the parented entities, if you want. I just use a big fat base prop.

Try manual welding, each time you place a prop; weld it to your main prop.

Sounds like a black hole machine

Parent everything to a really simple welded physical hull, should be 10-15 props max. If your contraption needs more than that then you’re going to have to sacrifice.

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actually, 15 is pretty overkill. Nobody likes high in.

He asked for a constraint that keeps the prop’s physical properties, i.e. polyweld. But OP, use Multi-Parent instead.

Poly weld is good, but its very unstable when duping :frowning:

I tried Multi-Parent but i kept falling through it when i tried walking on it. Trying Polyweld and improved parent next

I came up with a way a few years back to get around this problem with contraptions that have alot of prop

Pick a prop to be your main prop to build your ship around, if its a sailing ship then the prop will be floating a water level, if its a spaceship then posistion the prop to sit flat on the floor. Set the prop weight to the maximum weight possible

Now build your ship around the main prop. Every prop you spawn now, make the weight around 300-400 and freeze in place (use the manual no-collide, and only no-collide props that are touching each other), then place a single weld between the frozen prop and the main prop. So at the end you will have alot of props of very low weight, each with a single weld to the main prop of a very high weight

Although this method takes slightly longer to do than using smart tools, its alot more effective. It has the effect of parenting since the weld count is alot lower than normal so lag is less, and the ship is very stable since all the props hold their posistions relative to the main prop.
And by not parenting, the props stay solid so you can walk on them.

Hope this helps

angus513 is it the similar to this method ?

I use this every-time, because smart weld for me is too inconsistent with the welds.
so I should set weight higher then 200 in every prop right? its more better?

I’m sharing my knowledge in general on this subject. I’m pretty sure this is accurate, I might be missing a few details, but this is essentially what it is (parenting is best).

Welding creates lag in motion, no matter how you do it. Weld to base, weld to each other…the engine still calculates the mass of the prop, its relation with constrained props, potential collisions, etc. Bottom line, the physics model of the prop is carried along. You can reduce the load, for instance by only welding to base prop, but the engine still calculates the flexing of the welds and their inertia, loadings, deformation by pressure, etc. For those of us who understand construction stuff, welding is like spotwelding. The material still flexes, bends, etc.
Polyweld creates little lag in motion, as it actually fuses the physics models together. I don’t know a WHOLE lot about it, but it seems to actually fuse the physics models, into one giant “superprop”. It’s rather new, so it will glitch, it will screw up, fuck up duping, and crash, at least a percent age of the time enough to be a nuisance. Polyweld is like a casting, rather than a spotweld–the material is now fused into a single, homogeneous form, and is extremely resistant to deformation.
Parenting does *not *create lag while in motion. Parenting creates a “hull” of the prop, which we see, and which functions as armor, but the actual collision model is removed from play, usually left sitting wherever the contraption was spawned. If the collision models are right-click nocollided, they are removed from play. They do not collide with anything but world, and on the world they sit there, static (and lagless). Therefore, parenting creates very little lag. It does NOT allow you to physgun the prop, but you can weld simple invisible physics props over it or (as I do) have a base prop that roughly matches a collision model. The only downside is you MUST parent to a wire entity; parenting to a regular prop fucks it up. Parenting is reliable and does not change with spawning, unlike polyweld (which can glitch) or welding (which erodes in strength). Parenting also has the benefit that you can remove your “bodywork” and work on your chassis by moving the wire thing it’s parented to, then replace the body. It also creates no weight, so much less stress on your drivetrain & suspension.
The amount of lag I get from a 40-prop welded contraption is greater than a 400-prop parented contraption. This is not an exaggeration. Pure welding = fail. Kyle’s 1100-prop camero probably has less lag than one of my 2007 Gcombat tanks.

Something I found here on FP and decided to reupload:


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a few flat plates is enough for most interiors’ physics models.

The weight can vary, the lighter u make the props (i.e. A weight of 1) the better they hold their shape around the main prop, however they wil deform and be more unstable if they crash into the world. Best to have a play around and see what works best

Silly you people parenting to wire gates, I’m just sittin’ over here at Nodex using ma ECS :smug:

just sitting over there,


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sorry couldnt resist

The lag you get from welding is quite as extreme as RedReaper suggests. It can be bad if you use smart weld or just go mental with the welder, if you have a 100 prop contraption and throw 10 welds to every prop you make end up with something stable but it’ll have 1000 welds which will cause a bit of lag, however if you use the single weld technique you’ll only have 100 welds and just as much stability.

Parenting is brilliant for a very low lag contraption but what puts me off is the same issue as in the OP, the fact the props no-collide with everything including the world, the only contraption i’ve ever made using parenting was my Le-Man race car, but that was only because it was 400+ props but parented around an invisable jeep so it didnt matter that they went through the map edges since the jeep stopped it

Super Parent Multi works for me. It still collides with stuff but keep things together solidly.

Super Parent Multi is just like weld parenting with multi parent but less good.

So what is the most preferred parent stool? I haven’t been in touch with Gmod lately (trying to get back into it) so I don’t really know which parenting stool to use.

This. Best parenting tool out there.