Weld Wont work

hi when i try to weld or Easy Weld it wont. or it dose for 1 sec then it unattached

i get this message when i start up a map.
includes/modules/controlpanael.lua:27: contolpanel.Get() - Error creating a ControlPanel! You’re calling this function too early! Call it in a hook!

clean gmod

or if youve recently installed a module, delete the module

First check if you have the weld strength set to zero. Then check if, when using easy weld, you double click to set the rotation before switching to another tool. Not doing so breaks the weld.

You certainly got a ton of shits in your addons folder. Just clean it up.

Stop being ignorant people, about the weld, it’s an obvious answer and Sweet is the only person who’s got it.