Welding gaps

Does anyone know how to reduce the gap between welds? I hate the gaps!

Nocollide the two props, then position close and weld.

maybe i should mention that i’m anal about how perfect i want it too be. there’s no way to line them up that way…

Easy weld, freeze prop, undo weld, move prop closer, normal weld.

Problem solved, can keep it perfectly aligned.

yes, but there’s no way to move it precisely with the gravity gun

It just takes a steady hand and maybe lowering the sensitivity if need be.

Or you could use those cool custom tools which is used for getting rid of the gaps in between welds.

I don’t know if maniac is telling the truth, but if they are; Gimme!!!

And doing it manually is not accurate enough for me!!!

default easy precision welds have 0 gap, and you can set an offset or inset if you want.

Yeah, as Tolyzor said, Easy Precision is amazing.
I /think/ it comes standard with PHX 3 now.

Stuff will be more accurate if you use the physgun instad. :v:

Thank you tolyzor, i read about his on the forum and will test it soon and get back to you whether it is good enough or not:p

Okay, so i tried that and as far as i can tell it’s jsut meant for placing props. which of course is awesome, but it deosn’t work! when i try welding two props together, only one is selectable… and one looses it physics?

um… are you new to gmod?
NEVER use the gravity gun unless you want to throw an object at a player.
the physgun, along with the toolgun, is all you will ever need in garrys mod.

Did you use easy weld or just weld?
Even though I prefer weld, easy weld is… easier… and it sticks on better.

Sigh, i only wrote gravity gun accidentally. But yes i am pretty new to it, hence asking questions…

As previously mentioned, use Easy Precision. Comes with PHX3.

I’ve already explained that easy precision doesn’t work, it just ends up disabling physics on one of the selected props and therefor i can’t use the prop for anything else…

Go to “1: apply settings to target props” and uncheck “disable physics”.

Thank you soooooo much divran, you’re my saviour! Thank you everyone else for the help.

Thread can be closed now:D