Welding/No Colliding Problem

Greetings everyone,

Yes i am quite new to Garry’s Mod and the Facepunch forums and i can assure you i’ve done google and forum searches to find a help for my problem but i can’t find anything, so here goes.

After seeing a couple of bases people have created online i decided to see if i could build my own, and it was working great, so i made a floor out of the PHX3 metal plates, walls, doors and started on a roof…but then suddenly it started giving lua errors when i tried to weld plates together or nocollide the plates so i could fit it in.

The error that pops up is:
lua\includes\modules\constraint.lua:947: Tried to use a NULL entity!

And considering this is just the first floor of the base im making is quite worrying since i was planning on three floors…atleast.

Is there anything i can do to keep using no collide and weld to finish my base?

Thanks in advance.


Strange. Also, which phx props are you using? I’d suggest not using the grey ones, but instead the white ones.

I was using the PHX3 Metal (Grey) Plates, so what difference will it make if i swich to the White ones?

They just are better optimized for the latest garrysmod version, Also should lagg less because they are square, And the grey ones have that beam in the middle

Okay, granted but does that have to do anything with the inability to Weld and Nocollide after a while.

I mean i’ve seen big bases before and i don’t wish to be confronted after hours of work to find that i can’t weld or nocollide yetagain.

Do you own Garry’s Mod?

Ofcource i own garrys mod.

We need a working link to your Steam Profile to prove it.

Don’t see the point, but here ya go.

Edit: To see i didn’t crack the game, i understand now.

Have you tried the multi no-collide tool or EasyPrecision?

Yes and Yes.

After a while of building they just lock up again and i cannot weld, nocollide and new this time keep upright anymore.

Bump, Remade the work with the white pannels instead of the grey ones but again after a while into it i cannot weld, nocollide or keep upright.

PC specs would be nice.