Well, after almost 1000 hours, this is the end ...

As the title says, this is the end of Rust for me, at least.

I bought the game on June 2015, played 900 hours (social life OP), I supported the devs so hard, following them, giving them feedbacks, trying to get the most informed possible about news, rent my own server & more.

But X weeks ago, came an update, I used to play 60 fps, and a big drop to 25/30, didn’t change anything on my setting and PC updated.

Just did the new update, joined my main server, and saw that I now have 18 fps max.

I’d like to say thanks for all the time I spent on the game, you devs are awesome ! It was really really fun ! But when you play 60 fps during 800 hours, then less than 20, i prefer stop the massacre.

wait for it…

…wait for it…

Dude the game is in alpha! Ack! I can’t believe I’m now saying this shit. Ultimately the game is in a constant state of change and this shit will happen. Take a break for a couple of months then come back.

I have over 1000 hours in Rust too and I have taken several 2-3 month breaks here and there. You know what though? I always come back!

i have been playing for more then 2000 hours. and i cant play becuz i get kicket=back to steam after assets have loaded :frowning:

Its pretty sad my R9 Fury cannot run it maxxed with over 40fps on 1440p.

use a lower resolution then. I play the game in windowed mode myself so I can access other shit on my desktop.

I play 1080 and get ~80 fps, tweak some settings if you need to.

FFS, if you enjoy a game, you’re still gonna enjoy it at a slightly lower resolution. I play Rust on low settings on my 720p laptop with 30fps, and I’m still fucking enjoying it. You’re playing an early access game, don’t expect it to run 100% smoothly dude.

Over thousand hours huh?

That’s more playtime than you can expect from the last few triple A titles combined.

stable 60-70 fps on fastes settings on my old pc…i5 2310 2.90GHz 8gb ram gtx670…problem with ur pc not with rust

no … problem with ur thinking.

Sometimes games run well on some machines, and badly on much better hardware. That is pretty common if a game is unfinished and unoptimized. So you one case of running Rust well, says nothing about anyone else’s ability to run it.

There is an MMO called Lotro that is a perfect example of this. Old crappy machines could run it well. Some very high end gaming machines could not. They coded the MMO wrong.

Old i7-2600k, 8Gb ram and GTX 970 on a 1920x1200 monitor here, in other words a very very average rig and the only performance issue I have are occasional stuttering (but I see they are working to fix that). No issue about FPS whatsoever even if I have everything maxed.
Maybe you should play with you video card settings to see if you can improve things a bit.

If anything, yesterdays patch did wonders for performance. I jumped from 45ish fps average with lots of drops, to almost 70 and all the stuttering is gone. GTX960 on an fairly old system, running 720p with pretty much all settings to max.

somethings fucked on this new update… won’t scale to resolutions… have to play at 4k… 4k now plays like a potato.

Just take a break man, I am and feel good about it.

I’ll come back to RUST sometime soon for sure, its an amazing game.

can i have your stuff? :smiley:

i have constantly >50fps, mostly at around 80fps

only problem is that signs are blank after painting them

Rust is fun right now!

Dude I run rust 50 fps on a dinosaur GPU Radeon hd5700(6 years old) Just lower your settings a bit.